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The Founder of Xinyue is a young mother with two children who places emphasis on both inner and outer beauty. As the mother of two children, she experienced the joy, fear and happiness of most women during pregnancy. At the same time, she also experienced the depression, pain and loss of confidence which came alongside pregnancy, a phenomenon which only occurs with a small number of women.

During the time of her first pregnancy, her Husband had frequent business trips due to work. As a result, there was less companionship and support in the period of the pregnancy. As a woman’s journey of 10 months can be a nightmare without the right support. It is in this period where women experience all kinds of confusion, incomprehension and loss of self-esteem, more often than not leading to loss of confidence for the marriage itself. Upon giving birth, because of the novice mother's breastfeeding pain and the baby frequently crying, no one can take a good night's rest, which also brings future sequelae such as migraine, severe anaemia, waist pain and other problems.

Therefore, I deeply appreciate the importance of the post-pregnancy confinement period for women. Confinement is a chance for rebirth for a woman. A good confinement month can alleviate women's physical problems such as gynaecological diseases and back pain in the future. In order to help postpartum mothers avoid and alleviate any possible distress, the founder was determined to learn more about women during pregnancy, going abroad to study breast milk knowledge and traditional Chinese medicine points for painless lactation, postpartum repair and shaping. This is to allow women to quickly regain confidence after giving birth to their precious child. She has also done her homework on psychological aspects, such as discussing issues with the best experts in the field of pregnancy psychology and even worked with pregnant women who are prone to depression.

For my second child, I used the method of "confinement with science" to personally practice what I have learned. This is broken down into 4 stages, each stage takes a week to complete. The first stage is de-clotting of blood from the womb, this is done via the consumption of specific herbs and tonic. The second stage is advocation of lactation so that the newborn infant has sufficient breast milk to consume. The third stage is conditioning of the mother’s body and the final stage is supplementation where the mother’s body receives the necessary nutrients to enjoy a full recovery.

In fact, due to physical changes, females in every pregnancy become emotionally unstable and their mental state is extremely fragile. They all need to be cared for and understood by their families! The greatness of women can be seen from the pain and stress they experience during the labour process, and this pain is unbearable for ordinary people.

Please give every woman who is willing to endure this pain the very best of care, concern and love. The essence and purpose of Xinyue is to care and love every great mum, and to take good care of every child with professionalism and utmost tenderness.

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